Sandbox & Production Environments


Learn how to switch between sandbox and production environments on the dashboard and API endpoints.

Switching between environments

After signing in to your StraitsX Business Account, you can switch between sandbox and production environments by clicking on your user profile.


Use this mode to simulate account creation and payments


Use this mode when you’re ready to process live payments

API Host


Host Update

Note that we have officially moved to the latest API host since March 2024. If you are new to StraitsX API, please integrate using the latest host ( and

For existing partners, we will continue to support the old host until further notice, so there's nothing you need to do now. However, we strongly encourage you to switch over to the latest host whenever possible. If you require any support, feel free to reach out to us directly.

The environments can be accessed via the API hosts below:

EnvironmentAPI Host (Latest)API Host (Outdated)