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Learn how you can leverage our powerful payments and payouts infrastructure to facilitate fiat and token transactions for your platform. Our platform is trusted and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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Customer Profile API

The Customer Profile API enables your business to create customer profiles for your users. These customer profiles are used as identifiers for us to create virtual account payment methods for your users. This also allows you to add and verify bank accounts and accept or send funds in SGD or USD.

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Payment API

The Payment API enables your business to seamlessly receive and automatically reconcile payments in fiat (SGD/USD) and stablecoin (XSGD/USDC). You can receive payments via bank transfer or PayNow on the FAST network (for SGD) or via SWIFT (for USD).

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Payout API

The Payout API enables your business to easily send payouts in fiat (SGD/USD). You can send payouts to your users' bank account via bank transfer on the FAST or SWIFT network.

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Swap API

The Swap API enables you to easily swap between various stablecoins in your business account depending on your use case.

Blockchain API

The Blockchain API enables you to make stablecoins blockchain transfer (XSGD/USDC) directly to your whitelisted blockchain address. More functionality to come soon for Blockchain API.

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StraitsX APIs are currently powered by Xfers

Certain variables, endpoints and responses may reference Xfers.