4 Apr 24 - Swap API

Swap API is now live! You can now swap between our supported currencies easily via API - refer to our Swap API Guide to learn more!

14 Mar 24 - USD rails and Blockchain API now available!

We have just rolled out an exciting new update: the ability to send and receive payments in USD! This enhancement is designed to provide more flexibility and convenience to your end-users. You can now make changes to your API requests to support USD rails on your platform.


8 Mar 23 - Updated FAQs for Direct FAST

  • Several FAQs have been updated to reflect the correct information when performing migration

8 Mar 23 - Added Bank Account Migration Guide


1 Mar 23 - Added PayNow payment method

PayNow payments are now available in addition to bank transfers in Singapore. Endpoints are still in beta testing.


1 Feb 23 - Added Retail Outlet payment APIs

Retail Outlet payments are now available in addition to bank transfers in Indonesia.


5 Jan 22 - Added Update a blocked mock transaction

Added Update a blocked mock transactionto unblock transactions that have been blocked by error codes in sandbox


13 Dec 22 - Added FAZZ VA option

  • FAZZ VA are now available in addition to CIMB VAs

1 Aug 22 - Added XIDR API Postman Collection

XIDR API Postman collection is now available for download! - Currently available for XIDR Business Accounts