Blockchain Transfer Out Guides


You can do a blockchain transfer out for supported tokens (XSGD, USDC) via supported networks (Ethereum, Polygon) to your own whitelisted address.

Before you begin

You should first understand that when calling the get blockchain address endpoint, we return unique records for the same blockchain address depending on the supported token and networks. For instance, when you add and verify a private wallet using Metamask, we create a unique record for each combination of token and network (XSGD/Ethereum, XSGD/Polygon, USDC/Ethereum). When calling the blockchain transfer out, you should ensure that you pass in the correct blockchain address id that reflects that correct token and network combination.

Step 1 - Whitelist your blockchain address

In order to make a transfer out of supported tokens, you first need to add and whitelist your blockchain address on the StraitsX Business Dashboard. For more information on whitelisting addresses, click here.

Step 2 - Get the list of blockchain address

  • Call Get a list of blockchain addresses to obtain the list of blockchain addresses in your StraitsX account.
  • Note that there will be one unique record per address for each network and token pair.

Step 3 - Make a blockchain transfer out

Try it out!

Getting started with StraitsX APIs is easy. Our business development and integration teams will be with you every step of the way. If you have any questions or would like to connect with our team, please do so via Support!