Connect to a user account

[Available in Sandbox/Production environment] Connect to an existing user account based on their phone number. If the user does not have an account, this API will create and connect to a new user account with the phone number provided.

This API uses both a public key and a secret key. The header of this API uses a public key called X-XFERS-APP-API-KEY. You will need your X-XFERS-APP-SECRET-KEY to generate your signature in the request body.

After this API is called, an OTP SMS will be sent to the provided phone number. The OTP will expire in 10 minutes. You can trigger this API again to resend the OTP SMS to the same phone number after 1 minute. The SMS format is as such:

[XFERS] Your OTP is 123456. This is to set up payments for `merchant_name` . If this is not done by you, please report to
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