Customer Profile API

Connect Flow

What is the Connect API?
The Connect API allows you to create accounts for your users. For users who already have an account with StraitsX, the Connect API seamlessly connects to their account using their phone number as an authentication method.
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Will StraitsX continue to support the Connect Flow?
We will continue to support the existing Connect API but we are looking to deprecate the Connect flow in the long-term. We recommend that you migrate your users to the Customer Profile flow.

Customer Profile Flow

What is the Customer Profile API?

High level summary of customer profile migration

  • The Customer Profile API allows you to create customer profiles for your users.
  • For existing users, it can be linked to a new customer profile, increasing the transfer limit from S$20,000 to S$200,000.
  • For new users, please see the Get Started Guide.

  • Why is the Customer Profile API replacing the Connect API?
  • Mobile numbers in Singapore can be recycled and passed to another individual.
  • This creates account-related issues as end-users would be unable to access other merchant platforms if an account was previously linked to another user.

  • What are the main differences between the Connect API and Customer Profile API?
    Customer Profile API is our new flow that will replace Connect API.
    Current (Connect)New (Customer Profile)
    Amount per transaction is capped at S$20,000.Amount per transaction is raised to the FAST limit of S$200,000.
    Receive OTP verification to verify and create userOTP verification is not required for customer profiles.
    Guest account created on StraitsX using phone numberNo accounts are created. User details are stored as profiles.
    Mobile number is used as an unique identifier.registrationId and registrationType is used as an unique identifier.


    How do I migrate my new and existing users to the Customer Profile Flow?

    Flow difference between Customer Profile and Connect API

    For existing Connect users

    On creation of a customer profile, the Create a virtual bank account API (see middle flow) can be initiated with the addition of the user_api_token and the past merchant_ref in the body parameters to link the existing Connect user to the new customer profile. This will associate the verified bank accounts from your user’s account to your new customer profile.

    For new users

    On creation of a customer profile, a customer profile bank account (bank account belonging to a customer profile) can be added in the Create a customer profile bank account API. The Create a virtual bank account API is then called to provide the virtual account number for the user to deposit up to S$200,000 per transaction.
    What is migrated from the Connect Flow?
    Virtual account number and bank accounts belonging to the user.
    Where do I add transaction callbacks?
    You can add it in the same field as bank transfers payouts and payments.

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    What is the CR-001 error code?
    Users who have been flagged for compliance review will trigger the error code. StraitsX will review these cases before releasing the funds.