Connect API


What are the main differences between the Connect API and Customer Profile API?
Customer Profile API is our new flow that will replace Connect API.
Current (Connect)New (Customer Profile)
Amount per transaction is capped at S$20,000.Amount per transaction is raised to the FAST limit of S$200,000.
Receive OTP verification to verify and create userOTP verification is not required for customer profiles.
Guest account created on StraitsX using phone numberNo accounts are created. User details are stored as profiles.
Mobile number is used as an unique identifier.registrationId and registrationType is used as an unique identifier.

Connecting a user

Does the User API Token expire over time?

The token does not expire but can be revoked.

What happens if an existing StraitsX user is created in the Connect API Flow?

StraitsX will link the existing user to your account, enabling the existing user to make a bank transfer to your business account.

What if my user didn't receive the OTP SMS?

You can initiate the Connect to a user account API again to resend the OTP SMS to the same phone number after 1 minute.

Bank Accounts

What bank accounts are supported by StraitsX?

You can find the full list of banks here.

How long does bank account verification take?

Automatic verification

The bank account will be verified immediately after a successful bank transfer from the bank account.

Manual verification

Bank account verification may take up to 1 working day after submission.